Can Can 

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      As you come off the face of the jump, take the pressure off of your leg that you are to be doing the can can with. Practice pulling your knee strait up in front of you. When you have got this down, try putting your foot on top of your gas tank. You will probably soon feel comfortable putting your foot on top of the gas cap, so now its time to stick it over on the other side of the bike. As your foot comes up to the gas can, rotate your hips to the side you will be putting the foot over. Extend your leg over that side of the bike by straitening out your knee. (Some people like to kick down towards the opposite footpeg, but the transition to no footed can cans will most likely be easier if you practice kicking your leg strait out.)  Kick it out as strait as you can, and if you wanna really get it out there, tilt the bike (by pushing on the bars) to the opposite side that you are kicking. This will almost undoubtedly be weird the first time, but it will make for a good transition into the realm of the no-footed can-can.

Make sure you only sick out your leg to the point where you will be able to get it back over safely before landing.

Step by Step

Approaching the jump like normal - knees & elbows bent in the attack position. My eyes are focused on the face of the jump, and I'm thinking about what I am about to do.

My body compresses (due to my front wheel hitting the jump), and I turn my attention now to the air in front of me.

My front wheel is leaving the ground here, and my body is beginning to straiten out as I decompress on the face. I've already began to relieve pressure from my right foot because it will soon be coming up quickly.

Very quickly, I pull my foot up to my gas tank/front of the seat. That is my target area for the first motion of this trick.

When I know my foot is high enough to clear the seat/gas tank, I make the smooth motion of pushing it sideways so that it will go over my tank. I'm not worried about extending it more here; I'm worried about it being pulled up enough to clear my tank.

Allright! I was confident in my leg clearing the tank/seat, and it did. I now have extended my knee so that my foot kicks out past my tank and underneath my handlebars.

I enjoyed that moment, and now I am contracting my knee so that my foot will be brought back in. As my knee bends, I must use my hips to raise that leg higher, so that my foot will maintain its elevation above my gas tank.

My foot was high enough to come back over, so I rotate my hip muscles in my right leg in order to rotate it over my seat. As I have it past the side of my bike, I can relax the muscles holding it up.

If I'm in a bind for time, I can kick my leg out to force my foot back to the peg. I know I'm okay here, so I just relax and allow my leg to drift back slowly.

I have a flat landing here, so I've lifted my front wheel up with my arms to prepare for the landing.
  My feet are secure, so I just focus on landing safely.