-Look overs-
add some style to anything

      Once you have a decent jump with a little bit of airtime (enough so that you can have time to think and react while still in the air) its time to start on the look overs.  Be sure to leave the ground with full control over your bike. Once both of your tires have left the face of the jump,  double check to make sure you are following the right path in the air.  When you feel situated,  twist your head so that it faces to the side of the jump.  You don't have to zone in on anything at all; the point here is not to focus on what is taking place on the ground, the idea is just to appear as if you're "looking over" when in reality you're just turning your head and not concentrating on anything but your motorcycle. When you feel the bike starting its descent back towards the ground, thats the sign to turn your head back strait. Now concentrate on the landing as you touch back down to earth.  The lookover is an important basic move because it adds a touch of style to any trick. What direction your head is facing is important in making any professional freestyle motocross trick look big.